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Scalmalloy: made for 3D printing

Scallmalloy is billed to be the first material specifically developed for 3D printing, meaning: there is no equivalent material for conventional manufacturing. So what is Scalmalloy and what makes it special?


Scalmalloy is a high-performance metal 3D printing material made from scandium (SC), aluminum (AL) and magnesium (M) alloy (ALLOY). It is lightweight, strong and has high ductility and was developed for use in, but not limited to, the aerospace industry. The material is created and patented by APWorks of the Airbus group. Compared to traditional Aluminum (AlSi10Mg), Scalmalloy is much stronger. The strength comes from the addition of scandium.

Rare earth material

Scandium is a rare earth metal, whereas aluminum occurs in abundance.

Because of its scarcity scandium is one of the most expensive metals in the world. Prices fluctuate between US$4000 and US$20,000 per kilogram. Scandium is found and mined in Russia and China. But recently deposits have been discovered in Australia. Scandium is not only a rare material, it is also hard to extract from the ore, hence the high costs. For that reason, 3D printing scandium is not feasible.

Stronger than titanium

Despite the costs, alloys containing scandium such as Scalmalloy are ideal for high-performance applications, due to its outstanding material characteristics. Parts 3D printed with scalmalloy are lightweight, corrosion resistant and strong material (stronger than titanium)  with a high ductility.

Scalmalloy material properties:

  • Lightweight with a density of 2.67g/cm³
  • Strong: tensile strength of 520 MPa
  • High ductility:  13% Elongation at Break

Source: APWorks

Scalmalloy applications

Parts 3D printed with Scalmalloy are used for high-performance applications in a range of industries: the automotive industry (eg heat exchangers),  robotics (hydraulic manifolds), space (satellite panels) and motorsports (bracket), just to name a few examples.

Now this material is available for additive manufacturing. The powder can be printed  with all powder-bed selective laser melting (SLM) machines.


Scalmalloy is a new material, specifically developed for 3D printing. Originally developed for aerospace (airbus) the material can be used for a wide range of applications in different industries. Printing with Scalmalloy can done through Beamler’s on-demand manufacturing platform.

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