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Professional 3D Printing Service in New York

Order your industrial parts from our professional 3D printing service in New York.

From prototypes to end-parts • 400+ materials • Global manufacturing network • Prices starting at $40

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How to order from our professional 3D printing services in New York?

Upload your 3D model​

Pick the 3D printing material you want to use for your part​

Select the 3D printing service in New York or another desired location

Your 3D print is delivered

High-performance materials for 3D printing in New York

Use material technical data to find the high-performance material that meets the requirements of your engineering project.

Featured engineering materials​


High strength material with great resolution and surface quality.

Tensile Strength: 50 MPa

Hardness: Shore C40

Elasticity Modulus: 1250 MPa


Great mechanical properties with high accuracy and thermal stability.

Hardness: Shore A80

Tensile Strength: 48 MPa

Elasticity Modulus: 1800 MPa

silicone shore a30

Biocompatible material with unique mechanical and chemical properties.

Elongation at Break: 450%

Tensile Strength: 6 MPa

Hardness: Shore A30


Rubber-like material with outstanding physical and mechanical properties.

Elongation at Break:  250%

Tensile Strength: 10 MPa

Hardness: Shore A92

Popular materials in New York

The full spectrum of 3D printing technologies​

Our partner 3D printing services in New York offer the full range of professional 3D printing technologies.

Most popular 3D printing processes in New York


SLM produces complex structures that are high in density with great structural integrity and precision.



Stereolithography creates objects with a high level of precision and great surface quality.


Material Jetting

MJ can use multiple materials to build parts with a high level of surface texture and accuracy.

Screenshot 2019-03-15 at 22.50.14


Fused Deposition Model produces strong, accurate and stable parts in a wide range of plastics.

Get your custom parts in 7 days

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