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Beamler is an on-demand manufacturing platform that connects manufacturers, engineers and designers to a global network of professional 3D printing service bureaus.
It is fairly simple:
  1. Upload your model
  2. Select your material
  3. Choose preferred location
  4. Get a quote
  5. Receive your part

No. Beamler does not own any professional 3D printer. Instead, we have a large network of manufacturing partners that are located all over the world. This gives our customers the opportunity to access a huge variety of materials and easily request the services of the best professional 3D print services. 

In other words, we just help you find the right manufacturing partner for your 3D printing project.

Your parts will be manufactured by a professional 3D print service bureau(s) based on your selection.

Beamler is used by engineers, designers, product owners, architects, inventors, start-ups, scale-ups, large companies, hospitals… basically by anyone who needs to manufacture part(s) with the quality that only professional-grade 3D printers can offer.

Sure, we also offer design services. Our team of industrial designers and engineers will be glad to create your 3D model.

Get in touch with our sales department via for more information.

Aside from our manufacturing on-demand service, we also:

  1. Help companies identifying business cases for Additive Manufacturing;
  2. Create/design 3D models of products and parts, and;
  3. Provide software for companies interested in setting up their own digital infrastructure.

If you are interested in any of these services, please contact our sales department via

Our office is located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Our platform is located in the World Wide Web – accessible for everyone, no matter where in the world you are or where in the world your printed parts need to be.

Well, that depends a lot. Production time varies according to size of your part, the material you chose, the capacity of the manufacturing partner.

Some partners offer an express delivery at a cost. 

We take the issue of IP protection and confidentiality very seriously. Some of the measures we take to ensure the protection of your IP are:

  1. Any files you upload to our system are stored in a secure server for a limited amount of time.
  2. Only the print service that will produce your part gets access to your file.
  3. All print services in our network have signed an NDA.

Furthermore, we can also sign an NDA with you or your company.

Well, you can find nearly every 3D printing material available in the market. Our selection goes from the most common plastics to some very special materials such as TPU, real silicone and even a few bio-materials.

At the moment, there are over 400 materials marked as available on our material library. You can choose between a wide variety of metals, ceramics, composites, real carbon and many more. 

Click here to upload your 3D model and browse our material selection.

There are a few reasons for that:

  1. The dimensions of your model do not match the bed size of the printers that are able to print with the material you are looking for.
  2. We decided to not offer that material due to insufficient quality of printed objects.
  3. Our manufacturing partners do not have it in stock.
  4. The material manufacturer has discontinued the production of the material.

But, hey, we are sure you can find a good alternative amongst the more than 400 materials currently available 😉

We only work with professional 3D printers to ensure the highest quality of printed objects. 

PLA is used only in desktop 3D printers and the quality of the prints is not always the best. For that reason, we decided to not work with that type of material.

Nonetheless, you can find some good replacements for a similar price on our application. 

You can pay using credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), iDeal and PayPal.

Could not find what you are looking for?

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