Discover 3D printable parts to optimize your production

Make the switch to additive manufacturing based on a technical and financial analysis of your inventory.

Understand your needs


Data-driven approach

Advice from experts

Smooth implementation

Beamler is specialized in providing business leaders with advice on how to implement additive manufacturing into their business activities.

Our implementation model allows us to advise and guide you through the steps for a smooth integration in no longer than 8 to 12 weeks. Our proprietary scan tool will help us identifying the opportunities of 3D printing for your business.

The end result is two insightful reports on the technical and business feasibility of 3D printing solutions for your company and an implementation plan with recommendations. You will be able to make highly informed decisions on how to integrate AM in your business.

Understand the
technical feasibility

Our scan tool will conduct an analysis of your products and processes to collect the parameters required to develop your advice. These parameters will be used against the information on our database for industrial 3D printing. You will receive a detailed technical feasibility study of 3D printing for your business in the form of a report. All of your information is treated confidentially.

The value of a new
supply chain

Our experts will conduct a business feasibility study in which we compare the current supply chain with a new one that incorporates 3D printing.
We will compare costs, lead times and other metrics to assess the value of a new supply chain.  Our business feasibility report will make you fully aware of the opportunities AM has to offer to your business.


Based on the technical and the business reports, we will make an implementation plan. This report takes your goals and needs into consideration and provides you with recommendations to help you incorporating AM to your business. Our experts will guide you through the implementation process and advise you on managerial issues related to the integration of AM.