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Beamler’s Database of 3D Printing Materials

Beamler’s platform provides manufacturers and engineers with access to a database of 3D printing materials, consisting of over 760 materials. Each material has its own proprietary characteristics and is better suited for certain parts. Such wide variety of options ensures that you will find the right material to print your custom part according to the required specifications.

We understand that it can be overwhelming to decide what is the right material amongst so many options. During the printability check of your file, our software will identify the most appropriate 3D printing materials for your custom part, providing you with an overview of how many can be used to print it.

Filters in the database of 3D printing materials

Through our database of 3D printing materials, you will be able to roam through these materials and access detailed technical information that has been transformed into actionable, easy-to-read data to help you make better decisions. The filter feature of our platform, allows you to filter 3D printing materials according to:

  • Brand
  • Manufacturer
  • Material type
  • Material
  • Print Technology
  • Look and feel
  • Thermal Properties
  • Chemical Properties
  • Applications

By selecting a specific material, you will get its description and information such as available colours, what it is best used for, if it is available as transparent and other type of information.
The materials on our database for industrial 3D printing are available in filament, pellet, granulate, resin and powder state. You can explore the following types of materials:

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About Beamler

Beamler is your platform for manufacturing 3D printed parts on demand. Trusted by engineers in some of the largest multinationals, Beamler offers 24/7 access to the massive production capacity that only a global network of dedicated manufacturing partners can provide. The full range of additive manufacturing capabilities is available from one single access point, guaranteeing that every production need is met and facilitating the decision-making process. Experience a whole new level of manufacturing flexibility.