Fighting COVID-19 together

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to evolve, there is a growing supply shortage of critical medical components. One of the solutions to bridge this gap in the supply chain is 3D printing.

We are already supporting Governmental agencies, healthcare organisations and hospitals to manufacture these critical components through our global industrial 3D printing network.

If you have a medical or personal protective equipment project that we can help with, please fill out this form and we will be in touch with lightning speed.

Scroll down to learn about the VentilatorPAL and to download STL files for critical medical parts.
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VentilatorPAL by FreeBreathing

FreeBreathing started with the mission to provide a high-quality, low-cost and open-source solution to the shortage of medical ventilators during the coronavirus pandemic.

The VentilatorPAL was developed to meet the requirements of healthcare workers at the forefront of the COVID-19 crisis. The device makes it possible to treat patients when conventional ventilators are not available. In other words, it can be decisive factor between life and death.

Be a part of it!

FreeBreathing is a not-for-profit initiative. Your financial support will bring us closer to make these ventilators available to COVID-19 patients and medical workers around the world. Any donation will help speed up the production.

Preorder VentilatorPAL (estimated delivery time of 2 weeks) via

Anyone can help with the COVID-19 pandemic

These 3D files are made available to the 3D printing community by designers, engineers and medical professionals. Anyone can download and print them to help fighting the spread of the coronavirus. 

If you have created your own design and would like us to share it, get in touch via

3D printed door handle

Contactless Door-Opener Hook

A hook to open doors without contact. Created by N3D.

3D printed respirator

Respirator-Free Reanimation Valves

Full range of 5 respirator-free reanimation valves. Created by Filip Kober.

3D printed face mask

Face Shield

Created by Dr. Tarek Loubani for his fellow front-line medical workers.

3D printed ventilator

Multiple Patient Lung Ventilation

This circuit splitter and flow restriction device for multiple patient lung ventilation was created by Alexander Clarke.

3D printed face mask

Reusable Filter Mask

This mask enables the replacement of the filter regardless of the chosen material. Created by dbeck.


Ventilator Emergency Mask

Converts a Decathlon snorkeling mask to a hospital ventilator mask. Created by Isinnova and Dr Favero.

3D printed face shield

Protective Face Shield

This protective face shield was created by Prusa Research, with the Czech Health Authorities.

3D printed handgel holder

Wall Mounted Gel Dispenser

This gel dispenser holder was developed by Tipam.

3D printed door handle

Contactless Door-Opener Handle

Created by materialise.

Please Note: Beamler does not guarantee that use of these items will prevent transmission of the novel Coronavirus. These devices have not yet been medically approved or are currently in the test phases.