About Beamler

Our company

Beamler is founded in 2016 by Willem-Jan van Loon, having previously co-founded three other companies in 3D printing.

His vision: to help engineers make their ideas a reality through additive manufacturing technology.
Beamler raises 250.000 euros in a successful crowdfunding campaign.

2017, the first version of the service is released and the first users are welcomed onto the platform.

Beamler participates in the Xpreneurs and TechFounders programs.

Beamler is also a member of KIC Climate, a German network dedicated to smart solutions to combat climate change.

In 2018 Beamler acquires Printr, a 3D print start-up from the Netherlands.
Beamler joins Smart Industry, a networking platform for the digitalization of the economy, facilitated by the Dutch government.

2020, a major upgrade of the platform is released.
Customers include General Electric, Intel, Google X, Stanley Fastening, KTM, Degreen, Damen, Heraeus, Nasa, and CERN.

Our Service

Beamlers’ online, on-demand additive manufacturing platform helps engineers in finding the best suitable material for their 3D printing project and get it produced by a professional 3D printing service.

An extensive up-to-date database of 3D printing materials. allows engineers to compare mechanical, chemical, and electrical properties of all the 3D printing materials currently on the market.

And through Beamlers’ automated quoting service engineers can quickly get insight into the cost of printing their parts.

Beamler specializes in high-performance materials like tungsten, tungsten carbide, aluminum, pure copper, silicone, and technical ceramics.

Where to find us

Beamler is located in Amsterdam. We offer worldwide service.
For more information go to our FAQ page or contact us directly.

Where to find us


Beamler is a startup based in Amsterdam and present in Germany that wants to facilitate the…


Beamler is an online, on-demand additive manufacturing platform. Our mission…
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