A new Quoting experience

Beamler 3D print service

Providing engineers with access to a comprehensive selection of materials and technical data through an on-demand additive manufacturing platform is the reason why Beamler started in the first place.

That’s why we’re thrilled to share with you our biggest step on that direction.

Based on user feedback, we significantly improved Beamler’s on-demand 3D printing platform to provide you a with better experience and make your life a lot easier. 

The key improvements are:

  • Material properties data has been made available to ensure your part’s specifications are met.
  • A new high-resolution 3D viewer with features that allow for an enhanced visualisation of your 3D model.
  • The whole experience has been improved and optimised for a more intuitive and efficient flow due to a new, cleaner design.

But there is more to it. Have a look below to understand everything that has changed.

Redesigned interface for a more intuitive experience

The whole interface of the Beamler platform for on-demand additive manufacturing has been redesigned for a more intuitive experience that makes the entire process of ordering parts effortless and more efficient.

New uploader with increased file upload size

Beamler 3D print service

Our brand-new uploader has been designed to make it easier for you to upload your files correctly. The component where you select the model unit has been positioned such that this important step does not go overlooked. In addition, the maximum file upload size has been increased from 50MB to 200MB. Another new feature is the possibility to drag and drop your files.

High resolution 3D viewer

Beamler 3D print service
The new 3D viewer enables you to inspect your models thoroughly and accurately using intuitive gestures. The visualization has been improved to show 3D models at a high resolution using different rendering modes such as solid, wireframe and x-ray transparent

Browse Materials using Expert or Easy Mode

The process of browsing and selecting materials has gone through a major improvement with the introduction of two view modes: Expert and Easy.

Real-time material property data

Beamler 3D print service

The “Expert Mode” provides the most experienced users with access to real-time material property data from 430+ materials. All the information is gathered in one place to ensure that you don’t need to go through individual data sheets while looking for the right material for your part

Easy Mode: Simpler and quicker Material Selection

Beamler 3D print service
A simplified version of our material selection has been introduced to allow users to choose their materials without going through an overwhelming amount of technical data. The “Easy Mode” provides a reduced selection of materials that are visually organized.

Geographical-based Production Preferences

Beamler 3D print service

Choose where your part will be manufactured based on the geographical location it has to be delivered. If you select ‘Beamler Choice’, the location will be chosen based on your current geographical location.

Better overview with the new account dashboard

Beamler 3D print service

The process of managing your quotes, orders and account has been enhanced by the new account dashboard. View a summary of your requests and access details from past and current projects.

Try it now!

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