All the 3D-printing materials in one database

Find the best material for your 3D printing project with the beAM database. Mechanical properties for 3000+ materials.

beAM Database


A plethora of new industrial 3D printing materials and machines are developed every year to support the growth in demand for additive manufacturing technologies. Beneath the excitement for these new production possibilities, there is a growing challenge that prevents companies, engineers, and researchers from realizing the potential economic benefits of AM.

Each new material or machine that is made available generates a wealth of data that can be found scattered all over the internet.

beAM data is an AM database developed by Beamler that enables you to access all that information through a single access point.

The data from 3000+ materials and 2000+ printers has been collected to help AM users reduce the time spent conducting research and accelerate product development.

Search and filter material properties

beAM data can be organized and filtered by numerous parameters that facilitate the comparison of multiple technical properties. This allows engineers to make meaningful analysis, and to improve collaboration and knowledge transfer within their team.

Search and filter material properties​