SLM 3D Printing

SLM 3D Printing creates very dense and strong parts in a variety of metal materials.
It is used to produce functional prototypes, end-use parts, medical prosthetics, tools and many other applications.

SLM Advantages

SLM Applications

Functional parts that need to resist to high pressure and heat.

Industrial tooling and other production tools.

Dental and medical engineering parts.


manufacturing partners have one or more SLM printer(s) available

How does the SLM 3D printing process work?

Selective Laser Melting uses a high-powered laser to successively melt each layer of the powdered material until the final structure is built.


different options of metal materials available to be printed with SLM

Material Selection


types of SLM printers are available to print your custom parts

SLM Printers

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