Fused Deposition Modeling

FDM 3D printing creates strong and durable parts out of most industrial grade thermoplastics. It is widely used for prototypes, final products and concept models.

FDM Advantages

FDM Applications

FDM printed parts are used for a massive amount of applications across industries.

From prototypes to final parts, companies in the automotive, aerospace, medical, maritime and railway have already adopted FDM as a manufacturing process. 


manufacturing partners have one or more FDM printer(s) available

How does the FDM 3D printing process work?

FDM works by extruding the melted material through the print nozzle. The material hardens as it gets layered.


different options of metal materials available to be printed with FDM

Material Selection


types of FDM printers are available to print your custom parts

FDM Printers

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