Direct Metal Laser Sintering

DMLS is used for end-parts and prototypes of almost every metal alloy.
Quality, strength and density are superior than that of traditional technologies.

DMLS Advantages

  • Outstanding mechanical properties
  • Wide material selection
  • Short production time
  • Superior quality of parts
  • Highly complex designs

DMLS Applications

Widely used by the automotive and aerospace industries for high performance parts.

Other applications include medical prosthetics, tooling, functional prototypes and many more.


manufacturing partners have one or more DMLS printer(s) available

How does the DMLS 3D printing process work?

Direct Metal Laser Sintering works by exposing thin layers of metal powder to a laser beam that fuses the particles together. 

This process is repeated layer upon layer until the desired shape is created. 


different options of metal materials available to be printed with DMLS

Material Selection

  • Scalmalloy
  • Stainless Steel 17-4PHL
  • Stainless Steel CX
  • Ti6Al4V
  • Ti64ELI
  • Stainless Steel PH1
  • AMZ4
  • Cobalt-Chrome MP1
  • Stainless Steel 316L
  • Titanium Ti64
  • Aluminum AlSi10MG
  • Nickel Alloy IN718
  • Nickel Alloy HX
  • Nickel Alloy IN625


types of DMLS printers are available to print your custom parts

DMLS Printers

  • EOS M290
  • EOS M400
  • XM200C
  • Precious M080
  • EOS M400-4
  • EOS M280
  • S-Titanium Pro
  • XM300C

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