3D printing with 100% pure Copper

3D-print parts with RS copper, an alloy containing 99% copper or 100% pure and unalloyed copper.

About pure Copper

A newly developed 3D printing process has made it possible to print with alloy containing  99% copper or even 100% pure unalloyed copper. Copper has always been a popular material for its great thermal and electrical conductivity. The pure copper alloy has an electrical conductivity of 100% IACS and a density of 8.9 g/cm³. Attaining a quality and efficiency higher then achieved by conventional alloys processed in 3D printing since reduced copper content also means lower conductivity.

 Common applications for 100% copper parts are inductors and heat exchangers.


✦ Great thermal properties

✦ Excellent electrical conductivity (100% IACS)

✦ Design freedom for 3D printing in Copper increases the performance of parts

✦ Bacteria will not grow on it

✦ Highly malleable


✧ Sensitivity to oxidation leads to a greenish shade

✧ Corrosion can occur at any moment

common applications for 100% copper

– Heat exchangers

– Inductors

Available technologies on our copper 3d print service


Direct Metal Laser Sintering produces high-end metal parts free of residual stress and internal defects.


Electron Beam Melting creates sophisticated parts with high dimensional accuracy and strength.

characteristics of 3d printing with 100% pure copper


Max. Bed Size (mm)

800x400x500 mm

Max. Bed Size (in)

31.5×15.8×19.7 in

Layer Height

30-150 μm















general technical data for 3d printing in copper


8.9 g/cm3

Electrical conductivity:

up to 58 MS/m

Thermal conductivity:

 400 ± 15 W/(m*K)

Tensile strength

 220 ± 10 MPa

* These values are meant to give a general idea of the material. Actual values may vary according to chosen material brand, 3D print service and build condition. Please refer to the Beamler online quoting platform for actual technical data of each material brand. 

3D Printing with Copper

Copper is widely used in industry thanks to its excellent thermal and electrical properties. Recent developments in additive manufacturing of copper made it available for

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