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3D printing in Aluminium

Aluminium is a metal with high strength, low weight that combines great mechanical and thermal properties. 

3D printed aluminum

About aluminium

Aluminium is a strong, light-weight metal alloy that combines outstanding mechanical and thermal properties. For those reasons, aluminum alloys are one of the most popular metals in the world, being widely used in the aerospace, automotive and biomedical industries.

The remarkable characteristics of this metal material make it a great choice for high-performance functional parts that are exposed to high loads. Aluminium alloys are also suitable for engine parts, production tools as well as for specific heat exchanger and outdoor applications.

The material can be used for both prototyping and manufacturing purposes. The quality of parts that are 3D printed in Aluminium are as good as parts manufactured with CNC.

Available aluminum alloys:

  • AlSi10Mg – Aluminium with silicone (10%) and magnesium alloys;
  • AlSi12 – Aluminium with silicone alloy (12%);
  • AlSi7Mg – Aluminium with silicone (7%) and magnesium alloys;
  • AlSi9Cu3 – Aluminium with silicone (+/-9%) and copper (+/-3%) alloys;


✦ High performance material with remarkable mechanical properties

✦ Complex geometric structures

✦ Ideal for both prototypes and end-parts

✦ Great strenght-to-weight ratio

✦ Weather resistant / No rust


✧ 2.7 times less rigid than a construction steel

✧ Not biocompatible

common applications of 3d printing in aluminium

– Engine parts

– Ductworks

– Specific heat exchanger applications

Available technologies on our aluminium 3d print service


Direct Metal Laser Sintering produces high-end metal parts free of residual stress and internal defects.

characteristics of 3d printing in aluminium


Max. Bed Size (mm)

800x400x500 mm 

Max. Bed Size (in)

31.5×15.8×19.7 in

Layer Height

30-150 μm











Food Safe






general technical data for 3d printing in aluminium


2.7 g/cm3

Young Modulus

70 GPa

Yield Strength

200 Mpa


465 Mpa

Elongation at Break



HBW 2.5/62.5

* These values are meant to give a general idea of the material. Actual values may vary according to chosen material brand, 3D print service and build condition. Please refer to the Beamler online quoting platform for actual technical data of each material brand. 

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