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Your project’s success depends on the choice of material. Ensuring the material properties meet the requirements of your part is crucial for the final result. That is why we offer a wide selection of industrial 3D printing materials with real-time property data.

Featured materials


Great mechanical properties with high accuracy and thermal stability.

Elasticity Modulus: 1800 MPa

Tensile Strength: 48 MPa

Hardness: Shore A80


Biocompatible material with unique mechanical and chemical properties.

Elongation at Break: 450%

Tensile Strength: 6 MPa

Hardness: Shore A30


High strength material with great resolution and surface quality.

Elasticity Modulus: 1250 MPa

Tensile Strength: 50 MPa

Hardness: Shore C40


Rubber-like material with outstanding physical and mechanical properties.

Elongation at Break: 250%

Tensile Strength: 10 MPa

Hardness: Shore A90

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